Sunday, September 16, 2007

So not to bore you.

I finished my first christmas present yesterday. Just as I was about to cast on the next one when I realised it would make for a boring couple of months if I couldn't show you any pictures. So for blog harmony I have cast this on. The yarn is a pure wool that I bought about a year ago from Coldspring mill( I love that place!)I have no idea if I actually have enough yarn or not so the whole thing may fall prey to artistic license.

I saw this on thursday and have fallen in love with it. It is in the new knitty. I spent thursday at cold spring mills and I found this yarn which is a perfect colour for it. It is I think, Twilleys Freedom spirit in Fire which is in DK so completely the wrong gauge but, I am going to add a cone of plain red that is in the stash and hopefully that will work.

I rushed out yesterday to buy the 9mm circular that I needed and had absolutely no luck so I shall have to buy some online this week. It is like a self fulfilling prophecy - no body goes to yarn shops - yarn shops dont have what you want.
I have also bought the yarn and beads for my secret stole. You can't see the yarn?? well that is because the post around here still seems to be quite bad and although it was ordered over a week ago it still hasn't got here. Elenya's bunny finally arrived with her on friday she was a very happy girl.

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