Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hint three- I just don't know

Well I completed the clue but the hint is beyond me. Where on earth, would you find the class of people in hint 1 residing. It could be stately home - palace would be monarch as it is only the Queen who actually lives in a palace. Most of the big properties are owned by the National Trust these days. Anyway I will have to wait and see on this one. The stole itself is really lovely, it is so delicate, I am hoping it won't go off on a tangent like MS3. Which although I like now it took a little getting used to.

My yarn for the tilted duster arrived. Nowhere have I seen the colour done justice.It is a lot darker than the photo shows. It is the colour of heather on the moors, purple with flecks of green. I photographed it on my lavender bush so you could see how purple it really is.I still don't think the colour is right.Although the skeins are beautiful, it really is frustrating that the whole lot needs winding into balls before I can cast on the first stitch.


  1. Your stole is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  2. Your stole is looking very regal. Great Job!

  3. Your stole is beautiful & the purple skeins are rather nice as well [VBG]

  4. Your stole is beautiful!
    All your work is very nice...
    I like to peek at your blog!

  5. Sorry to add to your addiction. No I'm not. Insanity loves company!!!!

  6. It looks absolutely great! Congrats!

  7. FionaM8:00 am

    Hi your stole looks lovely- I am about 20 rows from finishing clue 3: I hope mine will look as good.

    Fiona in Macclesfield

  8. I really like the tilted duster too but couldn't decide what yarn to sub, now that you have the real thing is there anything that springs to mind? Perhaps I should just follow your lead and order from the US. Decisions, decisions.

  9. I love the lilac yarn!!!
    the stole looks beautifuL!


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