Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hint four - ok I am totally lost on the clues!

There was mutterings by one lady that the result might be Elizabeth but, I can't really see how the stole would tie up into that so I shall just have to wait and see. It really is pretty - it just shows it doesn't need to be complicated to be very effective.
Half term went by in a bit of a blur. I was childminding over the holidays which made it very busy. The pumpkin carving was hilarious. If you can imagine 6 children all armed with a spoon. I have only just managed to rid the dining room of all the seeds that mysteriously flew into the air.

There was tonnes of pumpkin flesh so I christened the bag of maple sugar my cousin brought last year and made pumpkin pie. The rest ofpumpkin is in the freezer ready to make another which I will do as it was delicious.

The ghosts were fun to make - I got the idea from a friend and even the little ones could manage it. The ones in the picture are just the few that Oriana and Inigo made so quite popular.I think we will make angels at christmas.

And finally Inigo became a beaver. This is a big thing for him as it is the first activity he has done separately from Oriana. The second week he had to go and make friends with "strangers" which he found very stressful we forced him to carry on going and I think he is going to settle in well. She has been settled in Rainbows for a while but initially was dragged screaming there every week.

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