Sunday, January 11, 2009

The First Finished Object Of 2009

I never seem to blog things as they are started. This is usually because I am so involved in the knitting/sewing that I can't bear to break of -take photo's and blog about it. This project was no exception. The tuesday before christmas was strange it involved a wool shop and a funeral. Not things that often go together but, I was going to say goodbye to my wonderful, Great Auntie Betty. The funeral was held in Durham at 1pm in Durham and I asked Mario if we could stop and visit my Rowanette friend Chris at a Fine Yarn in Darlington. With regards to my Aunt everyone should have an Auntie like her. When I was young she would ask if I wanted easter eggs or yarn. All I can say is that for the egg to equal the yarn it would have to have come from Fortnums!
A fine yarn is lovely, very small with just enough yummy yarn to keep you entertained without making you feel overfaced. It had a very calming affect. This particular cardigan was made up in the shop.The yarn is Sirdar Tweedie which I would have passed by if I had seen it on the internet because of the man made fibre in it but it is a really soft blend of alpaca wool and I think nylon
I really liked it and was going to buy it (though if I had it would probably have ended up stashed). Anyway Mario bought it for my christmas present so after the turkey had been eaten I cast on. I had promised myself that I would only knit it on Christmas and Boxing Day and then go back to the Christmas presents that were still owing....but I just couldn't put it down. I have mastered knitting cables a needle which makes cables bliss if you don't have the annoying cable needle hanging from your mouth(easy when you know how!!)
The pattern had you cast off the stitches and then pick them up again. With the exceptions of the front two pieces I just put the stitches straight onto a circular knitting needle and knit a couple together to get the right number. A lot less hassle. I gave myself until the end of the children's holiday to complete it. I finished it last sunday and sewed it together monday. The buttons were made by Les, Chris's husband and are Ebony. The photo doesn't do them justice as they are wonderfully dark and shiny a perfect compliment to the yarn.
The only thing I would do differently is go down another needle size for the neckline and maybe make it slightly deeper so it is less likely to fall off the shoulder.Now I am back to the Christmas presents.


  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your Aunt - she sounds like a wonderful person.

    Your sweater is lovely - what a nice gift! :o)

  2. Wonderful jacket and what a tribute to your Great-Aunt.

    I'm hoping to meet up with Chris later this week

  3. It's gorgeous, you did a fantastic job, it was worth the delay on the presents.

  4. Beautiful jacket, Arianwen. Thanks for your comments about the shop, a pleasure to have you as a customer.
    Yes, we're off to London to IKnit on Thursday, meeting Yvonne, as she said, I'll report back!


  5. Beautiful. I'm not a knitter, but my mom knits, so I know how much time goes into something like that.

  6. It looks lovely - really soft and cosy.

  7. Nevernotknitting8:47 am

    I love that sweater design! It looks great!

  8. Oh I know this is a very old post but I came to it a long way round! Seeing as I am sitting here wearing the same cardi I had to post :)
    Your's looks very lovely too.


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