Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A New Year

I have spent the last week feeling frustrated with everything and more than a little depressed. It wasn't helped by Tigger having a fit on Monday. I really thought we were at the end but he revived curtesy of a tin of salmon and a steroid shot.
I had great plans for all that I wanted to get done during my two weeks off.But we did lots of visiting so really didn't accomplish very much at all. Getting back into my normal routine seems to have helped though I am missing the children now they are back at school.
On the knitting front I finished Gretel just after christmas and have worn it a lot! Very warm and pretty.

I toyed with making the fetching Mitts from the ravelry site in the same yarn but have decided against it. I am still plodding a long with the tilted duster though I am really unsure that I like it. You can't really tell what it will be like but the vibe is not great.
I have joined up for yet another lace knitting KAL.Spring Shawl Surprice.

I think this will be the last one for a while as although it is lovely I am feeling jaded with lace knitting. I am only just half way through the first clue which is depressing as the second clue was released yesterday. This one like the others that I have done will be a present for one of Mario's Aunts.
I have always said that although I will sew for money I will only every knit for love. So when the Loose knit group started I thought it a very good idea to join up. The idea is that you knit a gift a month. Whether you give them for birthdays or save them all up for christmas is your choice. I thought it might use up some of my unloved stash. Does anyone else have one of these? Yarn that was cheap but just clutters up the place because there is either not enough of it or it doesn't talk to you. January it gloves or mittens. I was excited by this as I have loads of small amounts that would be great for gloves but, I have to say I haven't started well as I just bought this to make the first of my pot-luck presents. A pair of the fetching gloves. If you think there is a lot of yarn there for just a pair of fingerless gloves you would be right. I bought enough to make a matching hat.

I have also cast on a pair of Monkey's which is the second of the pot luck with the yarn I bought at Harrogate. I have wanted to make a pair of these for a while although I have just started the pattern I can kind of see what is going on already which is really nice.I managed this yesterday whilst watching kids play at an indoor play gym.

My in-laws came over christmas. My MIL liked the santa quilt so much she said I could make her one. This is amazing as she actually thinks all knitting and sewing is crap. Yes she has told me that. Anyway that is now started. As I would like to give it to her at Easter. She said there wasn't a rush but if I wait until next year I will definately have lost motivation.It is strange to be making it again a real feeling of deja vu. The quilt that I start for christmas is also still on the go but it might get put away to finish next year. Three more of Mario's cousins have had babies which equates to three more baby quilts. I am determined to just use stash for these too. I guess that is probably my main resolution to clear my fibre stash and if I am buying only to buy for a specific project.

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