Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Knitting.... I Didn't Finish!

I blame the loose knit group. Usually I don't bother to make many gifts but, I joined the group and made a few sparodically throughout the year. Then on the first of December I woke up and thought I was WonderWoman! The list of things I wanted to give grew alarmingly.Including a finishing Rose Red for me! Consequently I have had to issue a couple of i.o.u's I have given the date of the 31st on Jan to finish them so fingers crossed. I did however finish Shalom for my mum.

A meret Scarf for my mum(yep she got the mystery beret).>

And a hotwater bottle cover for the BlueTortoise I saw the pattern in simply knitting and decided to use the yarn suggested as the pattern says it has a bit of a sparkle (just the thing for christmas) the yarn arrived without sparkle which I was disapointed with but, the end result is quite pleasing.

On the 25th I stopped christmas knitting and cast on Sirdar 9066. Mario and I visited A Fine Yarn in Darlington on Tuesday and this was made up. I was umming and ahhing as I am still trying to stash bust but, Mario bought it for my christmas present. Anyone who knows us will know Mario, doesn't do yarn, he certainly doesn't encourage its purchase! But even he keeps stroking this stuff. Sirdar Tweedie is a nylon, wool, alpaca mix and if i had seen it on the internet the N word would have completely turned me off but it is soft, with great stitch definition.I did however go down a needle size as it was very loose on the 6.5mm. I am making myself go back to gift knitting on the 1st of Jan but in the meantime I am really enjoying this having completed the back and nearly the arms.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let it Snow!

The Advent Calenders are filled and hung. Children are squealing with excitement. And there is snow...not just the wet slushy stuff we usually get but proper sticky stuff perfect for snow balls. I am gearing up the christmas knitting and there looks like there might be an end in sight. I can't help myself from singing (badly) christmas songs. I am now totally geared up for the idea of being at home with my family and Christmas.
The hill you can see in the first photograph is Castle Hill. I can see it from the end of my street.Queen Boudica had a fortress there many years ago.Though the tower you can see is actually a victorian structure rather than a castle.

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