Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sometimes you just need an Angel!

I seem to be very behind with everything at the moment. A combination of lethargy,lack of time and a wrist that doesn't quite do what I want. Which is why the day before the Little Blue Tortoise's birthday I still hadn't organised making her present.
I had decided on this Tilda Angel last year as it is just perfect for her. Then I ended up making something else. The fabric has been sitting waiting on the shelf looking at me for months. so on Wednesday I drew around the pieces. The sewing on the machine wasn't difficult and I whipped it up Thursday morning before work. However stuffing it was a bit beyond me. Luckily I had two little angels of my own to help!
They really enjoyed it even though it was a little rushed(we did it as we got home from school). I can see more of these popping up around the house very soon.
I think everyone has now received my Handmade Happiness Gifts so I shall reveal what I made. The posie pattern is from Lucy at Attic24
the needlecases and the bookcovers are my own design.I am very pleased with the book covers and one of these days I will make one for myself.

There are some very complimentary things said both Here and Here.
Mousie here was given as part of the exchange but was really for a very pernickity cat called Jack. The lure of cat nip makes him like me a little better.

The booties are for a soon to be arrival.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Little Slow!

After Tigger went everything became a little slow. Knitting seemed strange without him ensconsed on my lap. Somehow I seemed to get less done in the same amount of time. I felt lethargic and had to force myself to do anything.
I picked up Jude again, which I started last year and finished the back and started the fronts before productivity ground to a halt.

I started and finished Peaches by Kim Hargreaves. I wanted to make this for myself but not it the blue so had a practise go for Elenya with the cotton left over from Oriana's Swift.But didn't then feel inspired to make another for me.

I have nearly finished my Handmade for you by me but even this seems to be taking me ages. Though hopefully I should be able to post them all on Saturday.
Then last week I started with Tendonitis or Tenderitis as Oriana calls it in my right arm. I am not sure what caused it perhaps a combination of things but there is now a lump half way up my forearm and my wrist creaks like an old gate and every movement is painful and very slow. Now I am desperate for everything to speed up. I have so many things that I want to do.Typical!

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