Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Molly.

Well today hasn't exactly been the Sunday I had in mind. We had a leisurely start pottering about then there was a banging on the door and my mum had arrived carrying a little brown bundle. At first I thought she was holding a little hedgehog but it turned out to be a very tiny kitten.
A quick wash of her very sticky eyes and a syringe of egg nog were partaken of before we rushed off to the emergency vet. She is about 5 weeks and has conjunctivitis. So I am now in charge of eye bathing and putting in drops which I know she is going to hate me for. She isn't eating solids yet but we have picked up some kitten formula from the vets and she seems to have grasped how to lap from a spoon. She is so tiny a very big name wouldn't have worked so for now she is called Molly.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have been told by several people that since I added the new comments widget that they could no-longer leave me any comments. Which is, as far as I am concerned one of the main reasons for having a blog! Anyway I have just deleted it. Unfortunately this means that I have lost all of the lovely comments that had been left before. So to all of you that have been leaving messages I am truly sorry, especially to Charity who responds to all of my ponderings.
Another note I have been busy knitting the last of my summer projects, Lotus Blossom Tank. I brought back some beautiful linen from Canada and I thought the pattern and the yarn would be a match made in heaven. After one round of the pattern the yarn seemed to be growing extraordinarily. So much so that I had to pull it out and re think the yarn. I settled on 5 balls of Rowan Cotton Glace that I had in my stash. So now not only is it looking really lovely but, I can feel virtuous knitting from stash!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's not that I don't have yarn. It's not that I don't have plenty of wip's. But sometimes I just really want to make that certain something. I looked in stash, I even went to coldspring to try and find something cheaper but, it just wasn't happening. So when we went to the Trafford Centre earlier for the termly pilgrimage for school shoes I took the opportunity to slip into John Lewis and came out a few moments later with 500g of Rowan cocoon in Lavender Ice to make Stockport from the latest Rowan Magazine. I promised myself no winter knitting till Sept 1st so I will have to just play with my yarn and anticipate for the next week the delicious casting on.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A month.

I can't believe it has been a month since I last blogged. The time has just whizzed past but that is usual for the summer holidays. A trip to Canada a visit from the inlaws and my birthday pretty much takes care of the time. On the knitting front I finished my Eyelet Chemise, Tropicana and a Razor Cami. I finished sewing the buttons onto the Chemise on my first morning in Canada whilst the rest of the world slept(yes I had serious jet lag).I then wore it to Bluesfest and to have tea with the Suffragettes of Ottawa, it is nice to have worn it for an occasion as everytime I wear it now I will think of my time in Canada. I would have finished Tropicana in Canada, but when I went to get my next ball of yarn out I realised that I had left it at home which was very frustrating.So finished when I got back. I have a ball and half left of the silk so enough to make one for Elenya. Oriana has also asked for one of these. Luckily there are tons of yarn shops in Canada.My cousin even has one on her street so I stocked up.
The Razor Cami was a lovely quick knit, probably a little too quick as I knit like a fiend throwing it into my case finished at 11pm on my last night in Canada. I left the last balls behind which I kind of regret. The straps were very uncomfortable so had to be made into a haltertop.
I would definitely make the straps differently if I had more yarn. On the Crochet front I finished the back of Joy my project for the plane.(Pictures to follow...) I asked if I could take a crochet hook onto the first plane. The very young man behind the counter told me he didnt know what a crochet hook was but if I showed him....I didn't bother asking again. Whilst at my grandparents, my Auntie Sandi introduced me to fabricland. She also brought her sewing machine for me to use...I whipped up this bag by McCalls..(Pictures to follow...) Just as well she did or I wouldn't have been able to get all of my loot home without it.

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