Sunday, October 25, 2009


Pardon my absence. We were doing presentations on swine flu at school and it looked so exciting I just had to try it. Five weeks later I have been back at work for a week but my energy levels are low, I still have a hacking cough and I am reliably informed by everyone who sees me that I look like sh*t!

I started knitting two weeks in the first week I just slept no energy for any thing else. finishing somethings and starting lots of others. I really can't face the idea of my photo at the moment so instead here are a few pieces without models.

I finished the Lotus Blossom Tunic it is very pretty and I enjoyed making it but,because I was knitting from stash I couldn't add another pattern repeat this meant that sadly it was too short for me. It is however a perfect fit for my sister.
Two of my very close friends announced with days of each other that they were expecting. Neither knew what they were having so I took a gamble, something for a boy and something for a girl. I went for stripey in case they were both the same sex.
The sailor top came from the sublime baby book. Rosie Hope was born first so she got the yellow.

I have to say I wasn't very happy with the construction. The sleeve head was curved but the armhole wasn't -very strange though I think they turned out OK. I just wish the bottoms wouldn't curl so much. Maybe after a couple of washings it will sort itself out.Casey James got the blue

The slippers I bought from knitting 4 fun as a kit at woolfest. I saw the bunnies made up and fell inlove.
at that point I only knew about one baby but I had more than enough yarn for two pairs of slippers. I really love these though I have to say
I have a real soft spot for the bunnies as all of my children had bunny slippers.

An update on Molly, she really is a going concern. In the early days she would sleep comfortably under what ever I was knitting. Now she has discovered yarn-kitten heaven. And is rarely still for photo's.

She has made friends with the other cats. This is whether they want to be friends or not. Luckily most of the time they tolerate her jumping on them.

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