Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another little Owl

Well I told you that there was going to be another Owl in my future. This one I nick named Lucy as she has stars in her eyes. The little blue tortoise laid huge hints on me about the owl quilt she really liked the idea and as I really wanted to make another it seemed like it would be the perfect solution to her birthday present. She has just had her hall way decorated a lovely shade of blue.

A rummage through my scrap bag and I had found all of the blues , just enough. I think will have to start sewing with a vengence inorder to get collecting scraps again. Although this one really doesn't fit anywhere it my house I love the colours. It hung on my wall on the day of completion just so I could admire it. The little piece of Alice Butler on the wings really makes it. Will I make another owl sometime? Maybe...


  1. Aaah lucy in the sky with stars?! shes lovely.

  2. Love the fabrics you've chosen, especially the wings. I also really like the texture in the background.

  3. littlebluetortoise9:07 am

    Thanks again, I really really love her. Not sure she'll make it out to the hall as she's very happy on my living room wall! So glad all the hinting paid off!! :-D

  4. Anonymous5:29 pm

    She's beautiful, another gorgeous little owl, Jo.

  5. She is great Arianwen! The colors are adorable and I love the heart belly. Lucy in the stars is really sweet.


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