Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello my lovelies,
were you looking for me yesterday? Sorry! Yesterday morning when the sun was out I took photo's of all that was going on in the house. Ready for my Sunday evening ramblings.
The daffodils blooming. I do love my daffodils. I bought these really cheap at the supermarket. Apparently the lovely weather we had last week was great for everyone except for the daffodil farmers who are losing money hand over fist as all of them are blooming at once.So go buy some:)

The yummy chocolate chip muffins made by Elenya

and Crocus for which I had finished a sleeve during the week. I actually nearly put it away because the weather was just too nice for knitting woolies.But decided to carry on for fear of another wip!

But by the evening, when I was ready to write a few lines the daffs still bloomed but everything else had changed the muffins had disappeared leaving only a crumbs as evidence.

Crocus had changed too- a couple of hours to myself and both sleeves were complete and attached to the body( well they are of the cropped variety!).
I am so excited I actually think that I might manage to finish it this week which I can't wait for it is such a perfect colour for spring!

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