Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crocus in bloom

Hello my lovelies, Just thought I would pop in and catch up before tomorrow's post.

I finished Crocus yay! It was finished for Mother's Day and I wore it for our day trip to York. It was a nice day out just wandering about looking at things topped off with a trip to the wool shop RamShambles(and a purchase, more about that tomorrow) and dinner out. Unfortunately the weather was not great and where as I had envisaged a day with my cardigan draped over my arm most of the time we were huddled in coats ( which explains how crumpled my dress looks). This was such a nice pattern to knit. I love the way that the little bells sit proud of the cardigan.

I dropped the neck and have to say I am pleased with the result. The cardigan is a lovely soft purple but, it doesn't seem to matter what light you take the photos in it bleaches out. it was also a nightmare for buttons.
I just couldn't find anything to match that didn't look very old lady or small child. The kids thought that I should add purple ladybird buttons to it which although they were cute I felt would cut down on its wearability. These ones are sort of a mother of pearl effect with glued on backs. They are quite pretty but how long they will last remains to be seen.

Anyway I am off back to an hour of knitting so see you tomorrow.


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  1. That's very, very cute - and the deeper neck looks good. I must finish what I'm doing and move on to something more interesting (like Crocus...)

    Buttons can be a real problem, but those seem to work. I usually find what I want in Duttons when I go to York, which is once in a blue moon at present...


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