Sunday, April 17, 2011

My needles are on fire!

The Easter Holiday's have finally begun. Everyone in this house has been ready for it for at least the last week ( me probably longer) and although I have lots of college work to do over the next couple of weeks I am determined that we are all going to get in a lot of r and r. We have just enjoyed our first bbq of the year and now We are gearing up for our first sleep over of the holidays tonight.
Mine r 'n r of course comes in the shape of knitting. I also started a secret knit last week which I finished this morning and will share with you later in the week. For me I have cast on Audrey again. The photo looks a little blue but, it is a proper green.

This time it is in Rowan woolcotton from stash the gauge is slightly larger than the lousia harding kashmir that I used last time and I am hoping for a slightly longer waisted cardigan this time. I picked this yarn as I just invested in a couple of new summer dresses from the white stuff that it should be perfect with.

For Elenya, I have this morning cast on Liesl, in some lovely 4ply cotton that I bought on sale in Canada a couple of years back, it is a super quick knit on a 7mm needle and I would have finished the yoke but I need to measure it up against her and that will have to wait until later.
It is strange to think that I have had the pattern for this at least two years and I had always envisaged it being for me( at some point I will make it for me) but, Elenya is fifteen next week and is properly in the grown up sizes!

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