Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say Something Sunday -Good Customer Service.

Hello my lovelies,
I hope you have a had a good week. I have had a better one. But, I am afraid there aren't any pictures as I haven't got around to taking any. The house is filled by the scent of lilies from my gorgeous bouquet of flowers. There is no better smell it always lifts the spirits. I am still not well but, I am better than I was which is good! The knitting needles have been busy and I have produced quite a lot of knitting this week. Mainly because it is a sedentary activity which is pretty much all I have been capable of. I have started and finished a couple of things which I will show you when I have the energy for modelling and photos. Both purple! One of which was the gorgeous purple madelinetosh yarn cake of last week. I still have a skein and half left of that which is a bonus! So still thinking what to make with it. if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Anyway being tied to the house I have spent quite a bit of time Internet shopping. It seems to me that shops( both Internet and otherwise) seem to fall into two categories; those who make their customers feel special and those who think their customers are a meal ticket. I still haven't had a response back from a certain crochet company about a pattern and I am assuming now I won't get one. So I have decided that if I get good customer service I am going to tell you about it. That way hopefully giving back a bit of the ahh feeling to the shops that I got when my stuff arrived. Anyway, my interweaveknits magazine came through the door and although it didn't have anything I wanted to make in it there was an advert for laura Chau's valentines cardigan if you are interested you can find a picture here. Now I am only stash busting at the moment but I really like this and decided that I would buy the pattern. There is only one shop in the whole of England that sells spud and chloe so I thought I would check them out first. £4.80 was the price for the pattern from them, I thought it was a little steep but, I figured that I was used to ravelry patterns that are very competitive. Then I looked at the postage - £3.80! For a pattern??? Daylight robbery! I love to be able to support the local LYS or at least the ones on this side of the pond but I have to say I bought the pattern from Jimmy Beans the price and postage costs were cheaper in dollars than I would have paid in pounds. It was here within a couple of days - fantastic service Mr Beans I will definitely use you again.
Next I went looking for buttons. I needed buttons for all of the yarn cakes, something unusual, something that wasn't too much money. Textile Garden, wow what can I say a fantastic selection of buttons, buckles and pins and fastenings all really reasonably priced and nothing like what I would get at my local shop. I ordered a selection on Thursday afternoon and they arrived Friday morning beautifully wrapped in deep pink tissue paper that match the lilies. Lovely it felt like a present.
Anyway this coming week is half term, the kids are planning a baking fest. They made chocolate cake yesterday which I am assured was delicious but, it was all gone by this morning. The next cake I will get a photo of even if I don't get a taste!
Hope you have a great week
Arianwen xx

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