Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Not Harry's

how are you? Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again this week.
It's not Harry's it's mine!
Well I do like the element of surprise and I felt I had better get organised and show you Inigo's new sweater either before it is in holes or he has grown out of it. He loves it!!! Probably one of the most successful things I have ever made for him. I was a little worried about the itch factor but I washed it in conditioner(lots of conditioner) and he tells me that it is soft warm and cosy.
It's not Harry's it's mine!
I finished it just as Inigo was finishing the last of the books. It is kind of sad I have had great enjoyment listening to him recanting the stories to me with such enthusiasm or chanting spells with such enthusiasm. I did toy with idea of putting an H on the front of the sweater but then decided that as Mrs Weasley made different letters for all of the boys in her life that I would do the same.
It's not Harry's it's mine!

The I, as everyone knows, is for Inigo but it is interesting how people see the letter I. One friend's husband told Inigo that there was no I in team. Inigo was totally bemused he had no idea what he was talking about!
Enjoy the rest of your week

Arianwen xx

As a postscript I will say that the other lovely model in this post is Georgie. She is the same age as Oriana and Inigo and tries to act like a sensible grown up until my children are around and then chaos ensues! I bet you want to know aboutthe Harrogate show? Well wasn't as good as it has been in previous years which doesn't mean that I came home empty handed. I will try and photograph my loot at the weekend.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Whip it up quickly!

Helloo how are you all?
Did you miss me? I have been chaotically busy, no time for blogging, though I have been planning posts in my head if I had managed to get near a computer you might of seen some of them:)
In amongst work, visiting lovely friends and all the other bits and bobs that fill up my life, I have been trying to be crafty and I have to confess I have had a good couple of weeks. The creative juices really started to flow with an invitation to a christening.
Emilia's Quilt
I am not really that bothered about christenings, weddings, yes those I really like - any excuse to wear a hat. Mario and the rest of the family really like christenings and I must confess I love babies, there is something truly wonderful about those lovely,warm,sweet smelling bundles. They are like a promise for the wonderful human being that they are going to become. So when we were invited to Emilia's christening, the family started to jump and down full of excitment and I started wondering what would be the perfect present.
Emilia's Quilt
Hmm from me? It has to be a quilt! Many years ago I made a Chook Shed quilt pattern called Edward and Bess for a christening. I adjusted it slightly so that became more personal. After that I made the quilt a whole lot of times for a whole lot of making other peoples's designs these days so I decided to design my own. So here it is one little bear for one little girl.
Emilia's Quilt
It turned out very pink! But as all of the fabric and the wadding came from stash I was pretty pleased as it meant low cost and getting rid of all that wadding was very good for clearing drawer space! Just in time as tomorrow I am off to the Harrogate knitting and stitching show and I am sure to find lots of things that I want to fill drawers with!
Bye for now

Arianwen xx

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