Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Knitting Update

The first week back at the usual house routine and I have been knitting furiously away on Oriel, my Christmas cast on. I am now at the waist even though I have lengthened it by a couple of inches. I am hoping to have it finished for the end of the month as I would like to actually complete NaSweMoDo for 2013 ( I failed dismally in 2012) but I do have a couple of other surprise things that I need to cast on. I will let you know about those in the next couple of weeks.
I have also managed to finish the back of the sweater for my brother in law. I was a little worried as when I finished the piece the tension on each of the sections looked really different. In some places it was smooth and in others it looked distinctly screwed up. I dunked it in water and left it soaking - it took ages to wet completely and then just lay it flat for days on end whilst it dried. It now looks pretty good I think. The pattern really is very striking and as soon as I finish Oriel it is back on the needles!
warming the cockles
Arianwen xx

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