Monday, January 07, 2013

My Pretties

Over a year ago a company called Accuquilt got in contact with me and asked me if I would like to do a piece on their clever gadget ( at the time I didn't know that it was clever) but I couldn't get onto their site so couldn't see what they did and decided to ignore their offer. Shame! Anyway a good friend of mine BlueADT decided to save her pennies up and she bought one. So this weekend when she gave me this
I couldn't resist asking if I could have a go.
Now I had never seen anything like these scrap bags before, probably just as well really as I have a inability to throw out fabric or yarn so I really am going to try and use up as many of these as possible. Moda Scrap bags are like pick and mix, fabric yum. This range is called Bliss and it really is my idea of Bliss, beautiful colours and great slightly retro prints. Pretties What do you think? The bags contain long 2-3" strips sometimes with the selvage. Lets face it, straightening strips and then cutting them into 2.5" squares can't be many people's idea of fun but the Accuquilt meant no straightening and easy enough for 11 year olds to cut the squares ( Oriana and Inigo tried it out). It also cut out the triangles!!
Seizing the moment I started rummaging through quilt books andI was initally inspired by a quilt from a Jelly roll quilt book. I started putting all of it together butit was too busy I couldn't see the stars. pretties 2So I now have five star blocks and I am going to start saving my pennies so that there are some plain blocks in between. So that is the start of my pretties Quilt.
Till next time
Arianwen x

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