Monday, January 21, 2013

Ahhhhh Snow Days

Like pretty much all of the UK we have woken the last couple of days to a thick blanket of snow. Yesterday it did look like we might have school today but we were blessed with several more inches over night. Indeed the local college has closed for the second time in 40 years and of course the schools are closed so we are all home. I love snow days, the delicious silence. I guess it is the lack of cars and the stillness of everyone snuggled inside in the warm.feeding the birds Of course the silence doesn't continue as soon as I put food out for the birds the air fills with their grateful song.
Closely followed by children tramping outside to play.
snow days
Snowman have been built and the sled has been dragged around the neighbourhood looking for the best hills (not really a problem in yorkshire).
But the thing that I like best is the cosy crafts, when everyone has had enough of the cold and the wet.
I have finished the body of Oriel I was glad to get it off the needles as it was starting to get really heavy. Don't you just love the way the cables change direction at the waist? OrielI have also started on the sleeves for my Crushed biscuit, now these I am a little bit worried about as I am making them up, the original doesn't have sleeves, and I am just hoping that I have made them wide enough!Crushed Biscuit
But the best bits of the snow days have been that both Oriana and Inigo have been playing witht the sewing Machine.Sewing together If you are wondering about all the lovely flowers on the window sill they are a combination of cyclmen and Orchids. I love orchids as they flower forever which definately makes them more eccomical than buying cut flowers. Anyway I digress, Inigo has been fiddling with freehand machine embroidery and applique for his cushion for school and Oriana has been busy with a project that she bought in Belgium over a year ago.

Can you tell what I am yet?
Oriana and her bear Snow

And here she is all finished! Her name is Snow in honor of lovely snow days.

Oriana and her bear Snow

Till next time

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