Thursday, January 03, 2013


Well three days into the new year and I am restless. Oriel This is the start of my Christmas knitting it turns out that it is a very easy to remember pattern which means that I can only manage a couple of rows before I am ready to move onto something else. I can't seem to settle to anything.I have started cleaning out drawers and dusting but I don't seem to have the staying power.
Every year at this time I take a new look at my blog, I started it so that I would have a diary of my accomplishments. Other people reading it turned out to be a bonus:)I started it in blogger because that was the first blog host that I came to on a google search but I didn't do any research. But I can never get it to look the way that I want. I fiddle with colours and format it has changed about twenty times today alone.

Thought a pink might be nice but really Blogger@s violent puce wasn't really what I had in mind.

Usually I end up putting it back the way it was before. This also may happen this time. The photos are also often a problem my little box camera just can't cope with the poor indoor light. I also keep being told that comments are virtually impossible to leave I have taken off the word verification again. Though I have already had spam so this could be fun. So anyway it could all change again

Arianwen xxx

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