Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New year.

Our end of year was tinged with sadness at the death of our dear little guinea pig, Sanka. He had been our friend for just under two years. We had a visit to our local pets at home to buy cat food and found Sanka in the rescue section and it was love at first sight. we came home with him and rang around friends to see if anyone had a cage. A chirring, purring, jumping climbing ( he hadn't read the books that said guinea pigs cant jump )bundle of fun. Who liked nothing more than a cuddle and a bananna. He died at in the early hours of the 29th at the vets. There were a lot of tears many of them mine. New Year's Eve was spent in good company and today travelling home was blue skies and sunshine. So here is hoping for a bright, happy new year.
Arianwen xxx

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