Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't Panic!!!

Were you wondering where I got to? March and April turned out to busy old months.

I finished my crochet blanket and it has been universally loved by everyone who has snuggled under it.

Warm, cosy and very, very heavy. Oriana wraps it around herself using it as a cloak.

Whilst the rest of us wrap it over our laps on chilly spring evenings. A few more weeks and maybe it will venture outside.

March had school snow days, several of them so I spent one or two finishing off my crushed biscuit cardigan.
I say mine - it found a new home with Elenya before it was even off of the needles. The colours of it are just what I was hoping for and I definitely want to make myself something similar soon.

Then came Easter and I cast on a gorgeous cardigan for Oriana, based on the one Hermione wears in the first Harry Potter film. I knit the hood and that was o.k then I started the Fair isle yoke.

It was supposed to be a raglan increase. Not Good! It didn't really explain how you were supposed to do this whilst keeping the pattern straight and mine looked a mess.

So I read some of the other project notes on Ravelry and many of them had increased around the yoke. So I thought I would try that. Hmmm I knew it wasn't right virtually straight away, but the pattern looked o.k so I persevered. I finished the yoke and blocked it held it up against Oriana whilst it was still on the needles and it seemed like it might fit. Anyway to cut a long story short it didn't.

I finished the body whilst she was away and when she got back we tried it on.The yoke was too long, it came to her elbows and it wasn't wide enough there was no way that she would ever be able to do it up. So I had a change of plan it may or may not work but at this point I have nothing to lose.
I knit the sleeves separately and decided to cut the cardigan apart at the yoke.

I have thought about it for a week and this evening I took out the scissors.
Anyway till next time happy crafting

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