Sunday, January 08, 2017

Another Heather!

So that was the first week of 2017! How was it for you? I was lucky an only had to work half the week which meant I had the luxury of sewing on a Tuesday! I have a bit of a New Years resolution... destash! If I love it use it and if I don't get rid of it. Well best laid plans and all that, I got an invite to a fabric shop and just had to go...
 I had a little fabric splurge at Fabworks on the 29th which did mean I ended up with a little more stash but hey ho each piece has a project so it is all good!  Two pieces of wool jersey and a cotton mix. 
This was the first piece of fabric a wonderful wool jersey , in a purple , grey , pink which just had to be another Heather by Sewoverit. 
I made it exactly the same as the last one except I made the sleeves a little wider. In the picture it looks to be pulling a little across the bust, it isn't uncomfortable, but a probably an indication that I should return to healthy eating... just a few mince pies to go !
 Till next time happy stitching 

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