Thursday, July 27, 2017

So many Stitches

Dear all,
I am sorry I have been gone so long, but I have fallen in love. Fallen in love with Instagram, the immediacy of the quick little posts, the comments from new friends and sewers and of course the lovely little hearts that are now sprinkled all over my projects!

That being said, I have also missed my blog, it is much easier for me to see what I have made and  when on here and if my junky old laptop plays nicely I am going to try and catch up over the next couple of weeks.

First off I thought I would let you know how I was getting on with #2017makenine. For  a little recap back in January I put together a list of nine items that I was hoping to get made in the coming year. You can read about my list here

I have made 4 so far, of the nine. Heather was the first and I did actually blog about that here . Then came Cleo by Tilly and the buttons and I succumbed to two versions of this. It is such a good dress for running about in doing weekend errands.
This lovely brocade came from my trip to Fabworks in January as did the corduroy, this is my favourite though! Especially as the pattern matching on my pocket went to well!
I do like the pink cord though, which is just as well as I seem to have a lot of it!

I then made a Renfrew, I have to say it wasn't a great success. Partly because I used scraps ( that were a little too small) from my stripey coco dress and the neck line bagged.  The upside is that I used up scraps!

It is definitely one I want  to make again before the end of the year as it is such a versatile little top that can be dressed up or down!

My latest make of the nine has been Arielle by Tilly and the Buttons. I made this at the beginning of July and am still actually waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. This was my third time of trying this. The last two had been a disaster ( not because of the pattern) but this one was plain sailing. It always helps to read the instructions! This version is a beautiful, soft, dark  purple corduroy, also from Fabworks , if I was making it again I think I would probably use a fabric with a little more structure but I fell in love with this cord and just had to use it.

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