Monday, October 23, 2006

This weeks project...

I went to a Rowan Coffee Morning at John Lewis at the Trafford centre at the weekend. They were showing all of the knits in the latest Rowan book. Needless to say I came back insired and decided to knit this one. It is supposed to be knitted in wool cotton doubled which I couldnt really afford to do. I am knitting it in stash Rowanspun Dk doubled hopefully I have enough otherwise I shall do a contrasting colour for the collar.

My Oldest UFO is finished! Long live the Oldest UFO!

Well this is the reason I havent been around for a couple weeks. I am not sure exactly which Christmas my parents bought me this tapestry but, we know it was before I had any children or indeed was thinking about children so we think about 13 years this has been on the go. The only thing that actually needed doing was the leaves but I was put off because the canvas wasn't very clearly printed. Anyway it is finished now and I shall make it into a cushion for the living room. Might have a look at some of the other UFO's I have chucking about and see if I feel inspired.

Monday, October 02, 2006

And the butterfly.................

well this is a far as I have got so far. The chart is making me nervous I have to admit but I have my exam next wednesday so hopefully after that I will have the energy and concentration for the butterfly.
Well least all the beads are on the yarn I think it may make it take a lot longer to knit as I will have to keep stoping to move them.

The socks are finished!

Well these were supposed to be a little suplement for when the butterfly became to much instead they became really enthralling. Anyway they are finished and everybody wants a pair. They fit Elenya so she is really keen on owning this pair. hmm maybe if I am feeling very generous she can have them.

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