Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lucky Audrey

Well it is finished!! I went into town on Wednesday evening and came home with 11 grey buttons that I thought might work....Nope they were too big and bulky (probaly perfect for my next cardigan). So on Saturday I went back into town and popped into the other button shop. I was just about to give up when I spotted the same buttons as I had picked up in John Lewis'! I couldn't believe my luck to find the same buttons which I think are a perfect match.

I am reasonably pleased with Audrey. But not over the moon. I can't decide why I think it might be the yarn partly. Though I am really not in love with the rib either! Even though the rib has been blocked it is still trying to bunch up when it hits the stocking stitch which really isn't as flattering as I would like. I also think I could do with it being a little longer in the body. Having said all that the construction on this cardigan is very clever the wrap and turn on the sleeve makes for a perfect sleeve head and I actually think I may try making it again sometime soon using a different yarn probably Rowan wool cotton from stash and maybe a different stitch on both the rib and the yoke.

Anyway I need your help. Last year I got the yarn for Noyeaux for Christmas. It took a long time to come from Canada and took a lot of knitting the upshot was that it didn't get finished before winter so I stashed it away. One of the reasons it didn't get finished was this.

Can you see?

So what should I do? make the front and cobble the sides together? Or should I pull it out make it in the round and probably forget about side shaping? What do you think? Drop me a comment. I just can't decide and I really do want to own this dress soon!

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