Sunday, January 16, 2011

Craving the light

A couple of weeks ago I watched a vampire movie.It wasn't good, it was set in the far north of Canada. The story line was that the people of this little town had thirty days of darkness. For the last two weeks I have left the house in the dark, not seen the day and then gone home in the dark. Friday morning was wonderful I saw daylight only for a few hours but it really was wonderful. Grey, misty, winter light of course I have seen the same both Saturday and Sunday but somehow those precious hours were delicious.

It is strange to knit in the dark especially so early in the morning but I had fun twirling my dpns on the bus. It certainly raises a few eyebrows! Inigo is a very happy boy. Knitted socks are warm and they are perfect for skidding across wooden floors. Oriana has put in a request I will cast on in the morning. My dress is moving slowly gorgeous and warm I can't wait to wear it. though I haven't reached the arm holes and I only have 3 50g balls left so I am quite worried that I won't have enough.

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