Friday, July 20, 2007

When the door bell went.

On wednesday my rowan exchange gift arrived from the wonderful knitter, Kira of Tasmania. Funnily enough the illusive Kira was my exchange partner last year and as she says we must be a good match. I am inclined to agree as I can safely say I love everything that she has ever sent me. I say illusive because last year I had no way of thanking her except on the Rowan site.This year I am glad to say I do have a return address.I was so moved by my beautiful gifts, they made me cry, such a wonderful present.
First things first the season she was knitting for was Summer and she made me this fantastic shawl.

I was kind of hoping I would get something like a shawl or a scarf but this is above my wildest dreams. It is 50/50 wool silk hand painted from the knittery and so soft! The weather is not great here it has to be said but I wore it with jeans around the supermarket on wednesday, and I am wearing it now as I type. But not only did she send me this, she also sent loads of other goodies.

Some beautiful handpainted sock yarn ( now I definetly need a book of sock patterns what with this yarn and the ladybird one), a pair of 4mm Tasmanian Oak knitting needles which is greatly appreciated for my growing collection of posh needles. Two large pieces of fudge , jaffa orange and irish cream - delicious. some salts to go with fish, applepaste to go with cheese and a wonderful fruit tea! The fruit tea is amazing it is loose so no horrid wax bag taste which is what you usually get with fruit teas and the longer it stews the sweeter it gets, ideal for summer as I think you could probably drink it cold with ice as well as hot.


  1. The shawl is simply stunning, I would be wearing it everywhere if it were mine, including bed.

    I have some of the knittery sock yarn and it is wonderful. Interweave 25 Favorite Socks is the book to buy. Vogue is coming out with a huge sock book in November, I already have it ordered on Amazon.

    This is Sockopolooza 4 and it's my first. I do think it happens every year, and this year there are 1,000 knitters from around the world participating. I am thinking about the Sunshine but they may be a little to long in the foot.

    Once again, the shawl is spectacular, Kira is a beautiful knitter.

  2. carly1:53 pm

    wow lucky girl!!! i'm glad that you got something you can use it must be hard catering for the taste of someone youve never met!

  3. Anonymous9:24 am

    Hey - great to see the shawl in use & thanks for the gorgeous needle roll. My recommendation for great sock books are Charlene Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks" and "More Sensational Knitted Socks". They have instructions for all options of using 4 or 5 dpns or 2 circs, and have hundreds of possible combinations of stitch patterns, gauges etc.
    The elusive Kira of Tasmania (hehe - I like that).


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