Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quilty,Quilty,Bang Bang!!

If you see a woman,with steam coming from her ears, do come over and say hello. The last few weeks have been totally manic,as per usual I have left everything to the last minute. I have been loving knitting the the SOTS11 it is so pretty I decided against beading it in the end mainly because of time. It is also simple enough that it can be done in front of the TV. Just shows everything doesn't have to be complicated . Because I want to take it to Belgium I have been tackling several clues a week. I start clue 8 this evening and then I just have clue 9 wish me luck on that one.
Three baby quilts were needed for the new Belgian arrivals. If you are interested in the time frame of these.
The Star quilt top (for Aaron) was completed except for the applique the thursday before last. Most of the fabrics were from my stash. I love the Crayola print.I was like the frogs going to be children's clothes but they grew faster than I could sew.
The Flower top (for Floor, yes that is the right spelling)was started and finished except for applique last Saturday. The fabric for this was going to be a bluse for me it is lovely but not really for my colouring. Floor's mummy has beautiful red hair so hopefully Floor will have the same colouring and this will be perfect for her.They were both appliqued and then tacked together on Thursday. Friday most of the Frog quilt (for jayden) was put together and then assembled on yesterday.

This wasn't my original take on the frog quilt but I think my original calculations were wrong and I just couldn't get it to fit together. I have plans for a rencarntion for the original blocks.They were all quilted yesterday and then the binding put on today. I am feeling a little tired now but very glad that I am finished.

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