Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The happy hooker.

My grandmother taught me to crochet the same time as she taught me to knit. But due to a lack of patterns that I liked I have never really done anything other than the odd baby bonnet.
However when the latest Rowan magazine came out the only thing that inspired me was the Helon Dress. A major crochet project if ever I saw one. At the same time as I was humming and hahing over that, BlueADT suggested a Rowan Crochet weekend. Killing two birds with one stone was what I thought. Not to mention a night away in a hotel and dinner out with grown ups! I jumped at the chance.
Saturday morning I arrived at the Rowan mill full of excitment. It was a group of nine; and I think that most of the others crocheted regularly. We started with felted pots. A 12mm hook and chunky yarn, thrown in the washing machine. I made one there and made another yesterday but I am not sure that there won't be more. I think they would be good presents filled with goodies though I might have to keep these two. Then we crocheted a square with sequins - well some of us did, mine had a kind of triangular feel about it( I think I may need more practice before I tackle the dress!).
Then I started a ruffle scarf. In Rowan Tapestry and KidSilk Spray BlueADT became more impassioned about chocolate coloured yarn the longer we were there. So much so that I threatened to charge her a £ everytime she mentioned chocolate But, I have to say I really think my scarf looks like a Cadbury's Ripple. I have just had the most lovely restful weekend not withstanding the dreadful rendition of Bridge over Troubled Water for an 80th birthday party which was also happening in the hotel that we were staying in. I am in love with the hook and I can't wait for my next weekend at Rowan

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Two weeks of knitting

We got back from Belgium on sunday and unlike last year the computer seems to be working fine which means I can tell you exactly what I got up to.
First things first. I finished my SOTS11 on the tuesday before we left which meant that I could give out all of my pressies. Elenya kindly modelled.

When I joined Ravelry I joined the Belgian Group which has opened a whole new dimension to visting Belgium. I now have people to visit! Mario and I spent a lovely morning with Nel and her Daughter Karen and a very mad dog called Harry. I was so enjoying it all that I forgot to take photo,s. But, they have an internet shop crafy4you which I got to play in. I bought enough for three different projects that I had in mind.
so much for down sizing the stash. Mind you after seeing Nel's personal supply I feel very virtuous! That wasn't the end of my stash building either. The whole of Mario's family (which is a lot!!!) know I knit and this huge bag was waiting for me.I have projects planned for most of it already.
I really could do with more hours in the day.

But the most surreal experience of all was joining a SnB in Hema a small department store in Brugge My in laws couldnt quite believe I was going to knit in town but I did and met three lovely knitters and lots of interested on lookers what a great way to spend an afternoon.
I also went to see my friend Katie in her Bear and Patchwork shop De Lander. She has set me a challenge to run a patchwork workshop. Anyone who knows me personally will know that I am always teaching somebody something. Anyway I think I am going to rise to this challenge. I just have to make up the sample for what I want to teach!

The projects that I actually took with me I finished. After I finished the tilted duster I thought I would knit the Nantucket Jacket also by Norah Gaughn. I already had the yarn for it that I bought last year. when I got it out though I realised that is was nearly the same colour as the duster. so rather than turning into a very weird woman who only wears Norah in purple I decided on something else. It is for my mum, for her Birthday which is on Sunday. So a picture on Sunday I hope for that one.

The challenge in the loose knit group for march was socks.
My monkeys are now finished to put away as is February's hat which was left over Yorkshire tweed from my Juno I still have a few balls more of that so maybe gloves or a scarf next.

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