Monday, May 05, 2008

April brought birthdays

The weeks seem to be whizzing buy so a quick update on the end of April before I get into the wonders of May.
Elenya and My mum both celebrated birthdays and I got something knit for both. The interweaves Sienna cardigan for my mum was a delight to knit. She says it is lovely and warm just as well as the weather doesn't seem like it is picking up.
Elenya's poncho was from Lets Knit Magazine and although it really is pretty it was a nightmare to knit. It is in Eskimo Drops that I bought when we were in Belgium which would have been lovely in any colour than black!! The pattern was rubbish it said cast off 8 stitches when it meant cast on 8. I had to botch it as I didn't realise until it was finished and was trying to attach the endging. Eskimo doesn't like being pulled about so I couldn't pull it out luckily Elenya is a small size and she likes it. Though Ithink she looks like something out of a Scottish Widows advert

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