Saturday, February 07, 2009

Come and meet Pinkle Purr

This is Pinkle Purr know mainly to us as Pinkie or Pinkie pudding. She is a funny little cat. She was found at 4 weeks old in the rubbish (I hope that something really horrible happened to the person who did that!) and taken to a local vets where a friend of my sister was working. She came to live with us a few days later. She was tiny as small as the palm of my hand and covered in fleas. Too young for flea powder or spray she had to be combed daily, she hated it and would display her impressive claws in a tiny paw. Even now she will not tolerate you going near her with any kind of grooming implement. we were terrified that Tigger would hurt her as he was very rough when he was young so she had to be left by herself whilst we went out for work. It turned out that Tigger was a great dad and taught her to wash and generally take care of herself. All of her early experiences have definately coloured her life. She loves her family but she doesn't cuddle, lap sit or come for affection though she will purr like a top if you seek her out to stroke her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She loves baby equipment, she was only a few months old when Elenya was born and enjoyed sitting in the cot, pram and high chair when ever she got the chance.
She likes wool too if you will give her a strand she will gladly follow it whilst you drag it around the floor.
A few weeks ago I started making my Hexagons.
Pinkie went beserk running around the floor tossing them up in the air and even after I hurriedly put them away ran excitedly around the funiture for another half an hour. Unusual behaviour for a thirteen year old cat. I didn't really think too much about it until last week when I started making my crochet bag.
Again, Pinkie ran around trying to jump on the crochet then as I started the sides she sat in it. As the sides went higher she squashed them down. I finished the body of the bag last night,
she promptly sat on it and stayed there until I started crocheting the straps when she ran around the room leaping from the chair to the sofa to stage an attack at Mario's feet.
Maybe Pinkie was a crocheter in a previous life, maybe she will be one in the next but what ever the reason Pinkie loves Crochet!

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