Monday, February 09, 2009

Tea Towel Totes

It has been a while since I had my sewing machine out. But yesterday I dusted it off. A few months ago BlueAdt told me about Tea Towel Totes she got the idea from a blog but I am not sure whose, though I have to say it is a good one. I made some at christmas to hold presents ( a bit more eco than the paper gift bags you can buy). I have had these lovely cheerful Tea Towels for a couple of months a present from BlueAdt.

For a Tea Towel Tote
You will need:-
2 Tea Towels (as tea towels usually come in sets of three I had six towels that way there are none left over)
1 metre of webbing(per bag)
and someway of sewing it

First cut off the two hems on the long sides of your tea towels. This will make the sewing easier. Leave the two shorter ones as they will save you having to hem later on.

Then with your right sides together fold your tea towel in half so it is now short and fat. Because they probably aren't that straight sew both sides about 1.5cm from the edge, towards the fold that way your edges will meet.

Carefully fold your tea towel so that the seams lie together and the corners come to a point. Sew along the corner so that you make a triangle. If you are a bit wonky it doesn't really matter.

Then cut the corner off about 1.5cm from your seam you don't want it to fray to a hole.

Repeat this with your other tea towel. Then turn one tea towel the right way out and place them inside one and other. you should be able to see the right sides of both your tea towels.

Pin at the seams. If you make the seams face in opposite directions they will be easier to sew.

Cut your webbing in half and place between the two layers of tea towel pin. Mine are about 9 cm from the seam.

Then sew carefully around the top of your bag capturing the webbing as you sew.

Voila your tea towel tote!

If you get stuck contact me and I will do my best to help.

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