Monday, June 01, 2009

Catching up!

We have just had our annual visit to Brugge to visit the inlaws. I have been there so often I forget that it really is quite pretty. Anyway I got busy with the camera and brought you back some delights of the city.Hmmm Chocolate

There is a story about Brugge and the swans. I am not entirley sure of it but basically the people of Brugge did something wrong and were punished by having to feed the swans.
I spent my second wonderful afternoon in Hema with the knit and knatter group that I met through ravelry. The bright green pile is Jude or as I have renamed it the rip stitch sweater as I have pulled it off the needles so many times.

I also visited my favourite shop in Brugge (more than once)De Lander it sells gorgeous patchwork fabrics,patchwork and bear kits as well as lovely home gifts.
Katie who owns it was busy telling me how she hates having her photo taken (I guess she will hate it even more when she realises what I have done with it!) LOL!Though all of the quilts you can see Katie has made whilst sitting at the counter.

The sleepy canine is called Lander, I guess you know who the shop is named after.
Mario and I were sat on the square having a drink and watching the world go by,it was very civilised.

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