Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful Wollmeise

In the summer I was really lucky to take part in the Rowan Knitting Exchange. This is organised every year by some wonderful Rowan members. I don't know if you remember but I made Ishbel in Rowan Damask for a lovely canadian lady called Nance. In turn my parcel was from a lady in England called Marie France sent me the most wonderful pair of Malabrigo socks (really too nice to put on my cloven hooves)a very cute poncho which I have had a ton of compliments for and a skein of Wollmeise.
Now I seem to have a bit of a rep as a wool snob and I do have to admit I do like nice yarn but I have never been passionate about anyone supplier until now. The first thing that strikes you about the wollmeise yarn is the colour it has wonderful depth, there is variation of colour without it being glaringly obvious. The second thing is the smell, and let me tell you it is a smell to die for. Imagine a field of rose bushes just coming into bloom combined with a soft summer rain. That it is the smell of wollmeise. I have since found out she washes her yarn in perwol. So if you are in Germany, rush to the shop and buy some you won't be disappointed!
I was busy looking for the most perfect project for this wonderful,squidgy, yummy yarn, When my friend Monica bought me a copy of Aestlight. Perfect! A match made in heaven the most wonderful yarn in the whole universe coupled with a very attractive shawl that was interesting to knit and very easy and enjoyable to wear.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Way back in the summer the Rowan winter popped through the letter box and I fell in love with stockport. I promised that I wouldn't start winter knitting until the 1st of Sept which I didnt' but then I knit like crazy.
We went to Flamingo land and I knit in the freezing cold whilst the rest of the family screamed on rides.
I knit in the car when the cold became too much.
I loved it when finished. The yarn is so soft it is like wearing a hug but it grew a bit after a couple of wearings. So I washed it. Thousands of bubbles emerged from the cocoon as soon as it hit the water and Stockport grew enormously! I nearly had a heart attack. When dry it did shrink back but it is still a little big in the neck.
I still really like it but I am unsure that the design plus the cocoon are really that flattering to anyone over a size 6. I have however seen it made up in a finer yarn which was gorgeous so maybe I will have to make it again.

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