Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well yet again I have been a bad blogger. Spending lots of time making things and not enough time telling you about them JI have really enjoyed making Blossom indeed I am really enjoying wearing Blossom as I type. In the 1980's and early 90's Kim Hargreaves was my designer of choice her designs are very wearable and fun to knit. In her latest book Misty there are several designs in the just gotta have so I should be casting on another from stash in the next couple of weeks. Anyway back to Blossom. The yarn Rowan Milk Cotton Fine doesn't behave very well.
It is splitty and in some places it actually hadn't taken the colour it also likes to tangle in the ball very annoying but, having said all of that I think that I will probably use it again. The colours are divine!!!!
The fabric is soft and floppy and has lovely stitch definition just the thing for summer knitwear. I ended up making a size smaller than I intended as by the time I had reached the length for the peplum in the smallest size I figured it looked big enough so took a gamble and cast off. As it happens the gamble paid off but I spent a couple of sleepless nights wondering if I would be able to do it up!
The photos of Blossom were taken by Oriana but, as she skipped back into the house this little one came to visit seh was right by my feet when I took this photo and I spent another 5 minutes watching her getting food ready for her babies,so sweet!

InSweMoDo2010 #10

Pattern Blossom

Designer Kim Hargreaves

Needles 2.25mm 2.75mm

Yarn Rowan Milk Cotton Fine Water Bomb 4.5 balls

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