Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hello my lovelies,

Here it is my first finished garment of 2011. Whitwizzle by Louisa Harding. I have to say I love it!!

The colour is my all time favourite (you will know this if you have ever been to my house)and the yarn is really cosy and soft, a mix of wool and alpaca. So soft you don't have to find cover up items of clothing to go under it in order to stop the wool itch. I love the skirt on it as it twirls- there have been some raised eyebrows from my kids. Apparently mothers really shouldn't twirl but, I don't care it is fun and it makes me happy.

I also finished Ishbel it was beautifully blocked on Tuesday and worn on Thursday but I am not sure that the Sundara Yarn likes the Yorkshire damp as the points no longer look quite so pointy!

I will just have to hope that everyone one who sees it is wowed by the wonderful colour as I really don't want to have to block every time I wear it.
I finished a secret bus knit as well this week but well it is secret:)
There has been a bit of casting on this week. Simple City a pattern I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. The Pattern suggests hacking the ball in half in order to get more obvious stripes but I didn't fancy doing that on the bus and I am actually really liking the subtle colour changes for me I think it will be more wearable.

The photo doesn't really do the colour justice everything is actually a more pinky, squished blackberry purple but my camera refuses to capture that.
I have also cast on Abi a non portable project due to the fact it is attached to a cone but lovely mindless evening knitting.

Which at the moment is just what I need.
I have also dusted off Audrey in Unst earlier today.
I can't remember when I last looked at it. It just needs sleeves and button bands so not much. However, the idea of wrap and turn sleeves put me off not to mention trying to track down a small enough circ. I managed to find the circ before Christmas but, by then I had moved onto other stuff. I have nearly finished a sleeve today it is that simple! The sleeve head is gorgeous looks really smooth I can't really see why I didn't get around to it before. Hopefully get the other one done next weekend.

Arianwen xx

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