Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend

how was your week? Mine was ridiculusly busy! I have done some knitting but, I have also done a lot of frogging! I reached the waist on Abi, only to realise I should have decreased by over 50 stitches just after the rib which I hadn't done. There was no way I could rectify this so had to pull it out and start again. Haven't done anything like that for a while. I also finished one sleeve of Audrey. So maybe next week I will get in a Ta Daaa!
This weekend, like the week before it could easily have been swallowed by school and house work. Except that on Friday evening, Vintage Maddie said in passing that Hubby and son were off to watch the football on sat but, she was at a bit of a loose end as far as a great mummy daughter activity ( it is quite difficult to think of anything when you are soo close to having a baby. She had thought of teaching Daisy to crochet but, as Daisy has just broken her wrist this was out. Anyway a light bulb went off! When I went to the Harrogare show I had picked up a lovely cloth kits skirt for Oriana and I to make which we hadn't got around to doing. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for mummy and daughter time and for skirt making.
Saturday morning paper work didn't seem half as bad when I knew I had lovely dressmaking going on in the afternoon.

I had a big piece of lovely soft red baby cord ( excellent stash busting exercise!) which we copied the cloth kit pieces onto there was enough for two - matching skirts. So we have left the cloth kit for another time.

It was a bit nerve racking keeping the two girls cut out pieces separate until I had a brain wave.

I think the girls enjoyed this bit the most, they really enjoyed rummaging around in my threads to find the perfect colour. Afterall it isn't every day that you get to be the designer! We had a great time, Maddie and I chatted whilst the girls took turns in sewing their seams. Luckily my sewing machine has a go slow which was great for a newbie with a broken arm! It only took them about three hours and the only bit they didn't do was the ironing.

I felt really inspired to make something for myself but, today I really did have to spend marking!
Have a good week
Arianwen xxxx

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