Sunday, January 30, 2011

Show and Tell

Hello my lovelies,
hope you have had a good week. Mine has been busy - I can't actually remember the begining of it it has been that chaotic! Having said all of that I have accomplished quite a lot. I finished my dress ( it is gorgeous, soft and warm and I am wearing it) and I should finish Ishbel this evening. Sorry no photos of either as of yet. An offspring snapped a few of my dress earlier but, I didn't look at them until it was dark when it became obvious very quickly that they are all very blurry! So photos is a job for next weekend.
On saturday when we were at the library Oriana saw a Debbie Bliss Book "Blankets Bears and Bootees" She has been muttering for a while about all the teachers who are having babies at school and she decided that she wanted to make some bootees for one of them. So yesterday she cast on. A lovely pale green in baby cashmerino a few rows in and she had mastered yf and tbl.It is funny to see her leaning against this chair her face so full of concentration.
Much of my knitting has been carried out in exactly the same spot leaning against my grandmothers legs as she knit behind me.
Last week in my comments Jeanne asked if I had any suggestions for her daughter learning to knit I have had a think about it I was lucky mostly when I was in a knittng mood when I was little I was on holiday. So I had my grandmother to help. she was at the other side of the country but, if she wasn't due a vist a quick telephone call would soon sort me out if I got stuck. Nowadays if there wasn't anyone nearby to help I think I would use youtube. Any technique is shown there, you can see it again and again. Hopefully someone round about will be able to fix any errors that you make. Remember a true knitter will be glad to pass on their craft without charging you!

Arianwen xx

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