Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out of Sync.

Hello my lovelies,
for the first time in well forever I have nothing to do. Well nothing of great importance. I have just finished my teacher training, I find out next week if I have passed. The children are at school, the washing and ironing all done. So in theory I have lots of free time that I could commit to crafting but, for whatever reason I just can't get up any real enthusiasm. So I have decided to wip the wips! Don't you just love this photo? I think it pretty much sums me up!
My life summed up in a photo
First up is the blanket that I have been making for nearly a year for my mum. I am not actually sure that I have shown it to you before. I bought the yarn last year when I was in Canada. It is Red Heart Cheap as Chips Acrylic, without dye lots. Your surprised aren't you that I am using acrylic as I really am a yarn snob! But, actually it is really warm and soft and I will use it again. Anyway I have been chugging away on it for a week and I am just onto the 10th strip of 15. There are 15 Hex per strip so it is quite a task. Though I think I will definately be worth it when it is done as it already lovely and snuggly!

I was lucky enough to go to Woolfest at the weekend, it was Mario's treat for finishing my course, and met up with a huge group of online friends from the Rowan Tree forum on Ravelry.
All of the yarn was totally gorgeous and as for the animals ahhhh! The children had their eyes on this little lovely, four days old, I am sure they wanted to bring him home.
I just love the looks of concentration on their faces whilst they hold him.
I went armed with patterns that I would like to make in the next little while including the one I am going to make for this years Rowan Exchange and I have come back with some very yummy yarn projects that I will let you into over the next couple of weeks!

Arianwen xx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today I am really hating Google Accounts.

I read a lot of lovely blogs that are on my sidebar and I would love to be able to comment. But, I can't Blogger will sign me in to write my own posts but I can't post on any of yours. This has been going on for weeks it is soo frustrating. I guess that might be the same for many of you. Though if you can comment on mine and know why I can't comment on yours, please let me know.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Half Term and Another Little Rama

Hellooo, how has your half term been? Ours has been pretty uneventful as I still am not feeling 100% but, we have been enjoying the sunshine. Our little guinea pig Sanka usually lives inside but, even he has been outside enjoying the warmth. Him being outside has provided extra entertainment for both the kids and the Cats. Molly has sat for hours watching him like t.v. though eventually got bored when she realised she wasn't going to be allowed to eat him. Even Azrael has had a little look.
In the Garden
There has been building. Fiddling with motors and trying them out on different surfaces to see which one will make it go faster. It is funny to see Inigo playing with the mechano that was my dad's. Three generations have had so much fun from a few nuts and bolts
There has as I predicted been baking. Two different versions of Flapjack and Chocolate chip muffins! Yummy!
Chocolate Muffins
Even better as the children are now big enough to do it all by themselves - including the washing up!
Esha's Rama

I have been busy again this week making another little Rama. This time for my neice Esha.
She came to visit last week and I asked if she would like one. The wide eyed yes was worth casting on immediatley for. The yarn was sirdar Snuggley Bamboo that I bought last year to make Alice. Alice ended up hitting the frog pond because this yarn was sooo badly behaved and to be honest if it hadn't worked for this it would have ended up in the bin. Anyway it worked, it is out of my stash and now I can start looking for something to make Alice out of.
Esha is a little older than Oriana and a little smaller. Which is great as I have made the same size for her as I did for her cousin. Though I knit like a nutter and had it finished in two days which is a little extreme for any knitting project I enjoyed making this again.

I sent it off today so hopefully she will get it tomorrow or Monday and I might be able to update this with some modelled shots

Esha's Rama

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