Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lemongrass Take 1

I thought I would take a minute to talk about my latest finished creation Lemongrass. I really like the designer, Joji Locatelli and when she put this design up on her project page I started to stalk it until the pattern came up and also rummage through my stash. I really wanted this sweater come poncho, such a clever idea. I had originally thought about doing it in some left over cashmerino and maybe making it stripey as I didn't really have enough. But then I remembered that last year a friend had gifted me 7 skeins of Acrucania Asyen in a pretty blue/green colourway. Perfect!! Well it is .....but when I started knitting it up I realised not only was it incredibly bright but the hand dyeing that had been used on it was incredibly patchy.
So virtually straight away decided that I was going to over dye it. I made it larger as recommended and lengthened it by quite a bit as I think Joji based her sizing on Argentinian women who are TINY! 2012-11-08 12.29.50 Then as soon as I finished, over dyed it. Once it was dry I tried it on and virtually straight away decided that if it was going to be for me it would need to be a lot baggier.
I hadn't really thought through the concept of an open sided sweater, in this climate it is silly, the only way it would work is if you can fit a sweater underneath and I couldn't. The buttons have now gone and the sides have been stitched all the way up and Elenya has taken it off my hands. Oriana really likes it too, so I am thinking about casting on another one for her from stash, then of course it is the Harrogate show in a couple of weeks so maybe I will splash out and make another one for me.
Well that is the story of the not so successful but very eventful Lemongrass but I am hoping for a better Ta dahh next week.

Arianwen x

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