Sunday, July 10, 2016


Well the last couple of weeks have been interesting! The two unfinished dresses in the picture have both had a traumatic start!
I started both of them in early June in the same weekend which was a little bit ambitious but I was enjoying myself and both being sewn in white thread I was certain I could get it all done in a weekend ... Ha!
Friends and kids needed things and I ended up stuffing both projects ( in bits )in a bag in the dining room . They were going to be left for a week , and I would get back to them . Best laid plans and all that!

A poor little magpie baby fell down the chimney, not only could it not be saved but it brought decades of soot down the chimney. Bags and bags of it! It covered everything,every surface, every book , my sewing machine and my sewing projects . It has taken about two weeks to get rid of the soot. The dresses were temporarily sewn together( yuk what a filthy job) and chucked in the washing machine. Luckily all of the soot has gone but so have all of the markings. They just don't seem as exciting anymore and I can't quite bring myself to pick them up again. 

Till next time A x

Sunday, July 03, 2016

It is all about the flowers!

This post is all about the florals! 
Last weekend,we were lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the wedding of two of our good friends Allyson and Paul. Early on Allyson had said she would love it if her guests dressed with a vintage flavour. O and E both thought this was a great idea and started poring over all my patterns and books. O was quite straight forward in her choice. She liked this, from the sewing bee book.
She liked the spotted version but then saw the flowers and decided on that. I had to get the pattern copied, which I did at staples ,they were very good but had to copy it onto quite stiff un welding paper as they didn't really have anything suitable. I traced the smallest size for her and then took it in!
I pretty much followed the instructions to the letter and she was very happy with the result.
Notice how even in heels she is now shorter than her brother.

E chose a version from gertie's ulitmate sewing book, she had seen a version on gertie's blog but when it came down to it she had a lot of changes in mind. 

She wanted straps not a halter she wanted a double circle skirt but short! I was a little worried about the size as I had heard mixed reviews online about the sizing. Luckily it wasn't a problem. I then followed most of the instructions from the sewing bee version as I just felt the expense of the habadashery wouldn't be worth it in this instance ( she might not wear it again). 
The skirt nearly drove me crazy ,I nearly gave up  and the hem seemed never ending but she was really happy with the result . So I guess it was a win. What do you think?

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