Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hint three- I just don't know

Well I completed the clue but the hint is beyond me. Where on earth, would you find the class of people in hint 1 residing. It could be stately home - palace would be monarch as it is only the Queen who actually lives in a palace. Most of the big properties are owned by the National Trust these days. Anyway I will have to wait and see on this one. The stole itself is really lovely, it is so delicate, I am hoping it won't go off on a tangent like MS3. Which although I like now it took a little getting used to.

My yarn for the tilted duster arrived. Nowhere have I seen the colour done justice.It is a lot darker than the photo shows. It is the colour of heather on the moors, purple with flecks of green. I photographed it on my lavender bush so you could see how purple it really is.I still don't think the colour is right.Although the skeins are beautiful, it really is frustrating that the whole lot needs winding into balls before I can cast on the first stitch.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hint two -Lady!

Wel I have completed hint two and I have to say it is quite pretty though not very stretching as a knitting project( hence the reason it is finished so quickly). The crosses in the pattern remind me of space invaders and the lines of holes as firing weapons neither of which I am sure the designer envisaged when she thought the stole up judging by the clues. I am looking forward to Hint three so roll on Friday!Not that I don't have anything to do - I am just about to shape the arm holes for the knitty jumper so I definately feel I might finish it for my enforced schedule.
The turquoise thing is done! It actually has been for quite a while and I have worn it lots but,it has just been difficult getting someone organised to take a photo. Elenya took this she did take a better one but I managed to delete it. Sorry Elenya! The pattern was from Elann. Very easy though if I was doing it again I would do it on a longer needle as the 24" that was stated turned out to be a bit of a struggle!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hint one -Aristocracy

Well at least I think that is the answer to the first hint of The Secret of the Stole. It has been a very straight forward pattern so far, I am not sure if that is because the MS3 was like a baptism of fire in the chart reading department or because the Nautical knitter has kindly added a stitch count to each row where there are more than 10st before a change in pattern. A very good idea as you don't have to stop and count. I am putting my beads on with a crochet hook for the is one as well although it is a little fiddly I do think in the long run it is easier as again you don't have to stop and move beads along. If you are wondering why it isn't straight on the needle that is because of the cellotape holding the needle together from when Oriana stood on it. I did toy with the idea of sending off for another pair but with yet another postal strike underway, they may not arrive until the stole is finished.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cherie Amour

I wasn't going to have a lot of things on the go before the sos but hey.This is just lovely.

I started it on sunday and I am just about to switch needles for the very fitted waist. I am knitting three strands together and the colour is amazing just the thing for autumn, I have put a deadline of Nov 5 on it as I really think it is perfect for bonfire night. Work is very hectic - lots of money to buy more wool - did I say that?? The upshot seems to be that I seem to only be able to manage a couple of rows in the evenings before my bed calls me. Luckily it seems to be growing really nice and fast. which is just as well as the SOS starts tomorrow!!

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