Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gloves and a Cloud

Every year I end up buying Oriana gloves, hat and scarf. I used by all of the kids cheap but cute from Primark or H&M but as Inigo has got older the cute available for boys dwindled. Then about four years ago I saw some lovely ones in monsoon for both boys and girls and I splurged. It was definately a worth while investment for Inigo, the hat went missing last year but the scarf and gloves(now a bit holey are still with us).Oriana's disappeared as a collection virtually as soon as she got them having to be replaced several times a season. Last year I decided enough was enough and bought a pattern. Ready to knit for this year. I hadn't till last week made a pair of gloves since I was about 12 (which is a very long time ago!) We are going for a pirate theme(girl and boy)hopefully they are so unique that everyone will know who they belong to and they won't disappear.
I made all four at the same time alternating the colours so I wouldn't get confused as to right or left and I have to say that worked really well. The gloves were really quick but the fairisle slowed me right down managing only two flaps an evening.

Fairisle is my nemesis , I am an impatient knitter and the yarn knows. It usually puckers when I am not looking or leaves a stitch too loose It hasn't really been a problem as I haven't ever seen much in the way of fairisle that I have wanted to own but Ravelry is changing all that and I am determined that I am going to Conquer it as I tackle the pirate hat I have seen several tutorials online for two handed and I am going to give it go

Ysolda's cloud has been in my queue since I first joined Ravelry but finding the perfect yarn has been a bit of a problem. Last time I went to Coldspring mill there were four balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino chunky cellophane wrapped just crying out to be a little cloud. I got home with it and added it to my stash for things to do later. Then last Saturday when I was procrasting about scull and cross bone glove flaps my 8 mm needle just fell into my hands. A couple of rows in and I was unhappy about how the fabric was looking and was busy convincing myself that I would have to by more yarn when I remembered this beautiful yarn that Carla had sent me. I started my cloud on sunday and finished it monday morning a seriously quick knit. Ysolda had suggested fastening with a brooch but as I am really short on jewellry since a ratbag broke into my house last year I decided to make my own a five minute crochet flower.
I am very pleased with the results of my cloud. It is warm and cosy just the thing for summer evenings. It was immediate gratifcation and it was stash busting...well almost!.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Well perhaps he doesn't always ring twice but, he did this week and I have been really spoilt! First the BlueADT sent me this.
She knows me well my favourite colour in sock yarn for my birthday so I am planning what I am going to make with that. I always have good intentions when it comes to socks and I do finish them for other people but it seems that making them for me is a little more of a struggle.
Which is why the second time he rang I got really excited as he brought my rowan exchange gift !! I was beginning to think I had been forgotten but it seems there had been a little confusion over my address. It was definately worth the wait.
Samantha is busy trying to move house but still found time to make me these. Do you recognise them? Yes they are the mockery socks the same ones I started for myself at the knitting in public day. The difference is these are finished and I am wearing them - looking at my feet as I type.
The others are stashed! The other goodies included a kangaroo book mark and chocolate both of which the kids are very interested in. Some beautiful note paper that I think she has made herself. A set of dpns and some gorgeous pink yarn one ball in lace weight and a skein of lovely soft alpaca.And a lovely book of summer knitting projects which I am planning/ drooling over.
I have not only been planning future projects this week but knitting manically and I finished my Lady Sweater.

I really enjoyed/ loved making this it I found the top down construction facinating and although I would have to say it didn't turn out quite as I had anticipated I have had lots of compliments about it and have even inspired another knitter to make one.
A first for me is that I have been tagged for Meme by PrincessPea
Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six people at the end of your post.
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Let the tagger know your entry is up.

So, here are six random things about me.

I can pop my left hip in and out.

I often end up rescuing wildlife

I have a derelict 1934 Bentley living in the garden.

I am phobic about foam especially wet foam it makes me gag!

I knew I was having twins from being five weeks pregnant.

I am not welsh!

Six of you is harder
but here goes


Knit Damm and Blast it





Monday, September 08, 2008

Been busy!

Apparently it seems that I cannot crochet and blog at the same time. Though, in my defence it has been incredibly busy here for the last few weeks. My aunts, Sandy, Pam and Donna came over from Canada to stay for two weeks. We had a wonderful if not a little hectic time. My auntie Sandy is a knitter so it was a good excuse to visit Coldspring Mill for a little stash enhancement. We also went for a day trip to York for the day where, more important than York Minster is sited Duttons for Buttons. I had the foresight to take a little wool from both Jude

and February’s Lady Sweater and picked up to perfect buttons.
It really is a wonderful shop well worth a visit though if you can’t go,I was informed if you send them a scrap of fabric or yarn they will do their best to match it.
I hadn’t quite finished my Helon dress as the aunties left on the 31st at 5.30 in the morning but I had finished it by the end of the day. I am really pleased with the result. The pattern was really straight forward and with exception of the bottom trim incredibly quick! I have several other crochet projects that I now want to tackle I can see it as a very good way of using stash yarn very quickly!

But in the meantime I have started my February’s Lady Sweater. I must admit I was drawn mainly to the colour of this on the pattern but, I really like the colour of the Tivoli Aran that I have chosen although it is a little more scratchy than I would have liked and the actual sweateris really attractive though I wish I had spread the buttons a little further apart or added a fourth. It is (I think) the first thing I have ever made top down and I can really see the potential of knitwear made like this. Though having tried it on I think the sleeve head could be a little tighter.

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