Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ravelry takes the 229

Hello my lovelies,
A funny thing happened on Thursday morning. When I reached the bus station at 6.45 there was a girl sitting reading in my usual seat. She was reading a book and looked up as I reached the seats. I smiled and she smiled and looked away. Then I got my knitting out before I had knit more than a couple of stitches. She put away her book and pulled out her knitting. Well I had to talk to her then and we spent a lovely journey talking about our projects and our knitting goals for the year.Dbexx is taking on the challenge of 11 shawls in 2011 and was working on the most beautiful dark purpley blue prayer shawl. During our conversation she admitted to seeing me knit on the previous Thursday but because she didn't have her knitting with her she didn't feel she could come and say anything. So I would just like to put it out there if you see me knitting and you don't knit or you don't have yours with you come and say hello! I am already looking forward to our next Thursday meet up.
As for my knitting here is another Sunday reveal.
I have finished another pair of little socks this time for Oriana. This pair were very quick but, I had a bit of a problem with the second sock as the stripes were not lining up perfectly so I had to cut and splice the yarn to that the socks would match. I was pretty underwhelmed by doing this and I probably wouldn't have bothered if they had been Inigo's but unmatching stripes is almost guaranteed to cause distress to Oriana and truth be told it would have irritated me as well! I think that I knit these faster because I am really looking forward to next week's project.

I have made Ishbel twice in the past both for other people and I have always wanted one for myself. I have the perfect skein of Sundara that was a gift from the lovely Stash about two years ago and it has always been ear-marked for Ishbel I just kept being side tracked but I really think that it is the perfect knitting for the bus so tomorrow morning I cast on!
I have also finished the body of my dress and cast on the sleeves it is soo warm and soft maybe I will be able to finish it soon.

Arianwen xx


  1. What a great way to make new friends.Love the socks,could do with some myself my feet are always freezing at the moment amd my slippers always on someone elses feet!

  2. That sounds like real serendipity :0) I haven't forgotten about the cable tunic pattern - I just couldn't find it ! Happily, this weekend it has turned up so I'll try to get it in the post this week.


  3. The socks look lovely - I always knit on the bus and the train and you do make lots of new friends that way. It was great to see you last week and I am very glad that you have found time again for blog therapy!

  4. Hi from the USA...

    I liked reading your story about the bus ride and making a new friend. Great way to get to know each other through a craft! My daughter bought knitting needles and yarn the other day, and she wanted to teach herself to knit. Do you have any suggestions for her?

    PS...Please read my blog too :)


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A x

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