Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jumping the queue.

My queue on Ravelry is exhorbatant. 1095 items have caught my eye not nessesarily things I will ever make - many items have been forgotten. Some I crave but, just haven't found the perfect yarn. Some I haven't got around to casting on even though yarn and pattern are both in stash. Sometimes items jump the queue and Rama is just such and item. Oriana has got the knitting bug and her and I pore over things that we like or friends have made.

A few weeks ago Oriana saw Emma Fassio's cardigan for her little girl and really loved it. I figured that I would make it when the pattern came out but just on the off chance asked Emma if she would like a test knitter and she did! The yarn is Ianthe by Louisa Harding it is the same fibre combination as Rowan woolcotton but somehow it feels more summery. The buttons are great they are sparkeley! The shop only had 4 so they were destined for the Rama cardigan.

Oriana chose the colour at RamShambles when we were in York. I have to say I actually really like it ( I bought 6 balls and have one left so I am tempted to add to it and make something for me. The pattern is easy to follow and only took 250g of yarn. When I finished it one of Oriana's friends exclaimed it was lovely but would be nice in green so I think I might be making some more of them in the near future!


  1. It's a lovely cardigan! Well done. I also have a large Ravelry queue. Maybe someday I'll get through a few of the things I've got there.

  2. Wow beautiful sweater on a lovely model.

  3. A lovely cardi - Azzu's shawl is on my list of things to do (I even have the yarn ready)!

    Pomona x

    PS My blog is

  4. Love this cardi! So girly and pretty...


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