Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lemongrass Take 1

I thought I would take a minute to talk about my latest finished creation Lemongrass. I really like the designer, Joji Locatelli and when she put this design up on her project page I started to stalk it until the pattern came up and also rummage through my stash. I really wanted this sweater come poncho, such a clever idea. I had originally thought about doing it in some left over cashmerino and maybe making it stripey as I didn't really have enough. But then I remembered that last year a friend had gifted me 7 skeins of Acrucania Asyen in a pretty blue/green colourway. Perfect!! Well it is .....but when I started knitting it up I realised not only was it incredibly bright but the hand dyeing that had been used on it was incredibly patchy.
So virtually straight away decided that I was going to over dye it. I made it larger as recommended and lengthened it by quite a bit as I think Joji based her sizing on Argentinian women who are TINY! 2012-11-08 12.29.50 Then as soon as I finished, over dyed it. Once it was dry I tried it on and virtually straight away decided that if it was going to be for me it would need to be a lot baggier.
I hadn't really thought through the concept of an open sided sweater, in this climate it is silly, the only way it would work is if you can fit a sweater underneath and I couldn't. The buttons have now gone and the sides have been stitched all the way up and Elenya has taken it off my hands. Oriana really likes it too, so I am thinking about casting on another one for her from stash, then of course it is the Harrogate show in a couple of weeks so maybe I will splash out and make another one for me.
Well that is the story of the not so successful but very eventful Lemongrass but I am hoping for a better Ta dahh next week.

Arianwen x

Friday, November 09, 2012

Out of the Darkness

Out of Darkness
just thought I would have a quick pop in before the weekend and show you my lovely new shawl. It has been finished for a couple of weeks and I have been hoping for some modelled shots. Alas it is not to be. When there is more than one person in the house life is either to hectic or it is just too darn dark, The irony of this is not lost as the name of the shawl is Out of the Darkness. Today I am home and have just rushed outside with the camera, it is just as well they are not modelled shots as it is soo windy they would have been very unattractive. Out of Darkness
After I draped it artistically in the tree I was a bit worried that I was actually going to get it stuck in the small twigs which would have made for a very different type of post.
Out of Darkness
I love all of booknits shawl patterns but I am particularly happy with this one as I really enjoyed the dyeing process. Admittedly by the end the dye water and the shawl smelt like pond scum which made knitting it a bit yucky and there were times when I worried the the whole process was going to end up stripey but it seems to have a produced a lovely subtle colour change. The shawl is very elegant pattern and the extra pattern repeat and the silver beads makes it very grown up not for the everyday as many of my shawls are. It has lots and lots of beads all of which were put on with a crochet hook. The last few rows seemed like they took forever but as all of the beads sit perfectly it was worth it, as I have a very special piece of knitting.
Out of Darkness
Now it is wrapped up in a drawer and I am looking for something equally special to wear with it.

Till next time, happy stitching

Arianwen xx

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