Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Comfort

Did you wonder why I had been so quiet in February? No? Well I am going to tell you anyway :) I had planned that February would be called "Finish off Feb". I had photos of all the wips,a blog post written and a plan of how I was going to get through them. Hmm. It seems that I have absolutely no will power whats so ever. Whoops! The 400g of Cashmerino left over from Oriel was annoying me, I just couldn't leave it alone, what was I going to do with it maybe somebody would want it. Then I started thinking about the other balls of Cashmerino that were lying around the place white and lilac.
Maybe I could add them to the balls of Red Heart that I had bought last time I was in Canada. yes that was a good idea. I would add them to the great Granny that I had planned....I would start it at the beginning of March when I had finished everything. Yeah Right! Monday the 4th was knit night. It was snowing and I didn't want to venture out. The Granny just accidently fell onto my hook. I am a woman obsessed, my hands hurt, my elbows too but I just can't stop I am so in love with this blanket!!! The colours are my favourites and I fondly imagine that they look like a wonderful cottage garden.

M says it makes his eyes go funny in this photo but I don't care I love it. I am nearly to the point of deciding on a border.So brace yourself for lots more photos of it.
February has also been taken up with a blanket for someone else. Something to make the recipient feel loved. The RowanTree group decided that we were going to make a blanket for one of our own that was under the weather. I knit a square and waited for the others to arrive. They came from Canada, America, New-Zealand and from closer to home. In the end I didn't use my square as I had enough from other people. I just stitched them together and put the messages on the back. I love it when a plan comes together. It arrived with its new owner yesterday and I am assured that it is loved.
For our good friend Stash

Till next time

Arianwen xxx

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oriel - A Belated Grand Reveal.

Hello, thanks for popping in. I just don't know where the time goes.
Oriel has actually been finished since the end of January ( so I am sort of on target for inswemodo2013 though Feb looks shakey) and I meant to get photos then. Indeed I even got Mario out in the snow with a camera only to realise it was out of batteries. Shame, as it was a beautiful day and would of made some really lovely photos. Mind you as it seems that Blogger will no longer let me have any size except small I may well just start taking them on my phone! Anyway last Sunday we went off to Shibden Hall for the day and as I was wearing Oriel and the camera had batteries.....

I am not quite sure what I am doing with my face but hey, least you can see the dress. It is another sucess story from Kim Hargreaves. I do love her patterns, though I wish she would make them a little longer. I added a pattern repeat to the bottom of this before the waist shaping and several inches to the sleeve length. Oh well I guess at 5"5 it is kind of nice to pretend I am really tall :) I changed the cables to proper barley twists because I prefered how they looked and I left the bobbles off of the collar as it was a bit too twee for me.I used the 20 balls of yarn specified but was left with several left as I had originally bought the yarn for something different. Those extras are alreay in use for something else but more about that later.


Till next time

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