Monday, March 02, 2015

Up cycling

There has been quite a lot of sewing going on recently. During the week I whipped up another skirt for E again in fabric picked up at Oxfam.
 That also turned out really well and was really fast as I knew exactly what I was doing and I really wanted one for me! I do still have some Oxfam fabric left but I figured it probably wouldn't be that cool if we had matching skirts. I am on a yarn and fabric diet so I thought it would have to wait. Then I had a bit of an idea, a few years back I made this a cloth kits skirt. I loved it when I saw it on the cloth kits stall at Harrogate; I loved it when I finished it, but I have never worn it so and it has languished in the drawer ever since....
 Upcycling !!!
 I didn't quite have enough fabric so I had to be a bit inventive and it has different fabric for the facings .
also couldn't get of quite the right grey for the bias binding so decided to put a contrast with it. Azrael was super helpful with this
He was pretty good at this point but I ended up throwing him out of the room so he was such a pain . I am pretty pleased with how they have both turned out.
Especially as for the price of a couple of zips and some bias binding my wardrobe has been updated.
I shall be looking for other up cycling projects!  Till next time happy crafting A x

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