Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Sarah Shirt -HML

A few weeks back all of my favourite blogs were filled with the test makes of then new shirt by Hand Made of London -Sarah. Now I had never actually printed out a pattern before and tbh I found the idea a bit off putting, but I figured I would give it a go. It is quite easy you pay your money and soon an email is sent with pdf attachments and instructions on how to print the pattern together.

That was when the fun started.. My printer had a complete meltdown at the idea of printing 49 pages and gave up the ghost half way through. Also in fairness I felt my life was actually too short to spend time collaging bits of paper together, So I decided to get a professional printer to print it out for me. Expensive!!!! The printing the postage and the Vat ( yes they do charge Vat on PDF) added another £11.00 to the cost of the pattern. Making it the most expensive sewing pattern I have ever used. So would I be tempted to use a download pattern again? Unless I can find a printer cheaper , probably  not!

So onto the pattern, The illustrations of the model are amazing. But the illustrations in the pattern are a bit basic There are also some really bizarre instructions. I am still not sure how rolling the garment into a sausage is really going to help you finish off the top of the back placket. I didn't need to, I just lay the shirt flat and tipped the loose placket piece over from back to the front pining as I went easy! I  ended up having to take out the sleeves once as I felt they were probably the wrong way around as I missed the back notches and thought they were part of the gather in the sleeve head.

As I have started writing this I have found that they actually have a sewalong here
With lots of useful tips , I would of found those useful and if I was doing it again( which I probably will) I will be reading them closely.

I made the UK 10 and would say it is a pretty good fit. Although again if I was doing again I would change a few things. The neckline is a little high, it rests on the hollow of my neck which feels a little restrictive so I am unlikely to ever wear the top button done up. The cuffs are a little too small, they work with poppers( nothing like a popper to make it look handmade) but another inch and they could of had button holes which would have been amazing. I did think I would also make the placket in the size 12 with the rest of the shirt in the 10 as although it fits really well I felt like my movement was slightly restricted, but after wearing it for a day I am happy with it as is.I know others have said that the arm syth is a little tight but for me it is perfect as is.

As for my shirt what do you think of the fabric? I think I have been watching way too many 70's Dramas; Vinyl definitely has a lot to answer for! I bought it on my local market for £3.60 a metre. My girls have both said ugh! Or in the case of O "well it suits you...." Or E "it might be ok in another fabric".Oh dear Very damming!
I decided on French seams through out but after I end up having to take the sleeves out ( because I think they were backwards) I just finished them off with an over casting stitch. I think that overall this will probably end up being worn with jeans, rather than to work due to the back restriction and also because I think twirling might be frowned at work :) I do love the buttons though definitely perfect for my inner disco queen.
The photos were taken earlier down by the canal where we spotted this little fella glorious hey?

Till next time A x

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Mother's Day Moments...

All over FB blogdom there are idyllic pictures and posts about serene Mothers Day Moments. So I hope you like the picture of the lovely flowers that I received. But that is pretty much as serene as it gets! Yesterday was DH's birthday so we had said that we wouldn't do mothers day as it was going to be too much. So, because yesterday we were celebrating, today has been spent rushing around, ironing, washing and moving furniture around as next weekend we have house guests.

It is amazing how much you want something when you can't have it and honestly I would have killed for a couple of hours sewing time! I did cut out another Viola in the week and I have managed a couple of rows of knitting on my stonecutter sweater which was started way back in December which doesn't seem to be growing at all. So instead I thought I would show you a pair of PJ's that I made a few months back.

I had really wanted the Sew Me Something Rosalinds PJ's after seeing all of the gorgeous ones on Poppy in Stitches blog but I was too impatient to wait for the pattern to arrive as I needed to make PJ's immediately. You know that feeling!
So instead I used
McCalls M5992 which I picked up along with the checked cotton at my local fabric shop. Ok they probably aren't as stylish as the Rosalind's ,which let's  face it are gorgeous. I just love the turn ups! And definitely I still want to make at some point but I think these are fairly sweet. For lounging around in.

Till next time

Happy Stitching
A x

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