Saturday, September 03, 2016

A little bit of knitting

Well after my lovely cabled poncho, I really fancied a nice cabled cardigan and I looked all over Ravelry for something which fit the bill. You know cabled, worsted weight , the perfect cardigan to go with everything! Of course as I was properly looking I couldn't find anything. So I ended up casting on yet another poncho( now, typically, I have found  loads of gorgeous cardigan patterns). This time it is Indigo Frost a lovely top down  design by Isabell Kraemer. It has a pretty slip stitch pattern which should be really easy, unless like me you don't read the instructions properly and end up wrecking it. I didn't notice at first until I posted a picture on Instagram at which point it became glaringly obvious!
Can you see it?
The first repeat ended up hitting the frog pond as I decided I couldn't quite live with the mistake. I am now onto the eyelet pattern surely I can't muck that up can I?

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